Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Morning Meme...Back in the day...

I'm joining in over at Write From Karen and hope you will too. Every Monday she will post a series of questions and your job is to answer them. Pretty simple right? So here it goes.
1. What was your favorite subject in grade school? Why did you enjoy this subject so much? What was your favorite part about this subject?
My favorite subject was Math. I think I enjoyed it so much because I was good at it. My favorite part was solving the problems. I think this is what has led to my sudoku addiction.

2. Tell me about your best friend in grade school. Do you still keep in touch? If not, why did the friendship dissolve?

My best friend in grade school was Becky. We did everything together. Her parents owned a furniture store and we would go there after school and eat pure junk because her mom was cool like that!!! We both loved Garfield and we had a "Booker Buddy Club". Oh it was very professional...we even had dues that we had to pay......I wonder who ever got to keep that money?!!! It was also very exclusive...only 2 members....her and I!!!! We do still keep in touch but not as much as I would like since she moved about 2 hours away.
3. Do you remember your first day of school? If not your very first day, then please tell us about the earliest memory of your first day of school - how did you feel? What did you wear? Did it take long for you to make new friends? Do you remember anything about the classroom or the teacher?

I don't remember a single thing about kindergarten....maybe something traumatic happened. I do, however, remember my first day of first grade. I remember standing on the school patio scared poopless about where to go. I didn't have a clue!!!! I started to cry and then a woman with "white" hair came up and helped me to my room. I ended up being great friends with her daughter!!! My teacher's name was Miss McKeoutchin and she was super nice.

4. Let’s jump to middle school. What were your middle school years like? Did you have a lot of friends? Did you adjust quickly or slowly to the change from grade school? What was your favorite subject in middle school?

Middle school sucked. You go through the geeky stage and girls are mean and catty!!! I had plenty of friends. I went to a small school so the adjustment wasn't very big coming from grade school. I wonder why girls go through that stage of being mean? My niece is going through it right now. Sometimes she is being treated crappy and sometimes she is the one dishing it out. I guess they are growing pains!!!

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Sue said...

My sister's fave subject in grade school was Math too :) I actually like Math, but was never too good at it no matter how hard I tried. Happy Monday :) Thanks so much for you visit :)

Kristen Andrews said...

oh I am not good at Math, wish I was. I like Art class the best!

Jenni Jiggety said...

I wouldn't go back to middle school for ANYTHING! Those were tough days!

palmtreefanatic said...

I wished I was better in math!
kids are mean in general!
This was a great list!

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