Saturday, September 20, 2008

Great Deals 1st GIVEAWAY.....TONS of Coupons!!!!

I LOVE a giveaway and figure I can't be the only one that does!!!! Here's the deal....I clip EVERY coupon, however I don't use every coupon, so I have a stash that I would like to pass on so someone else can use them. I also believe in simplicity so this is how you can get entered into this envelope filled with 3 complete inserts (2 Red Plum and 1 Smart Source) and well over 50 coupons that include: shampoo, coffee, coffee mate, dog food, cat food, pancakes, syrup, etc.:

*Add our Proud Mommy's Daily Drama and Great Deals to your blog - receive 3 entries


*Post a comment on our site to any post and receive 1 entry.

You can enter as many times as you want. The contest will end on Wednesday, September 24th at 12 noon so I can get the envelope out to you!!

Good Luck!!!!

Some Free Stuff....

Get your FREE sample of Betty Crockers Warm Delights here.
Free Mini Magic Eraser from Mr. Clean.
FREE Star Wars Clone Pocket Model. Simply enter in your zip code to find a store closest to you. (Thank You to Penny Pinching Mom for this one....HUGE hit in our house!!!)
Free Toothbrush from Colgate and Help your kids develop Healthy Bedtime Habits
Check out Family Fun for great things to entertain the little ones from paper crafts, coloring pages, word games, puzzles, room decorations, 3-D projects and more...all FREE!!!!
38 Printable Stencil Designs to make cute or creepy pumpkins here.
Free Samples from Remedy Life; click on link on side bar.
Enter to win a Free IPOD everyday; click on the sweepstakes link at the left.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Clorox Wipes Coupon and Free Kit

Next week at Walgreens they will have Clorox wipes on sale for 2/$5. Go here to get your coupon for B2G1F. You can also request a FREE Clean up the Classroom Kit. I am really trying to use more of the Greenworks with a rag or towel but I still haven't been able to get away from the convenience of the wipes. You should be able to print the coupon twice.

Homemade Gifts

First off..........I am sooooo happy to be back. Blogger was having MAJOR technological issues today and I was going through withdrawals!!!!!! Okay, that being said, let's get back to business. If you have smaller children, you can really get away with homemade gifts and hit a homerun with grandparents, aunts, etc. For last Father's Day, I decided to have my kids make something for their Dad and we chose a clay project. I let Jake make whatever he wanted ( a bowl) and I had Jaise, who was 2, make a small dish with her handprint. I started by making an oval shape and then made a small lip around the outside. I knew it would fit perfectly in his drawer to collect all of his change, watch, etc. After it dried we painted it yellow with her handprint being painted blue, since Daddy is a huge University of Michigan fan. I then put her name and age on the back. It was absolutely perfect. Not only does Daddy have a great gift but I have the memories of making it with my kids. Here is the recipe we used:

4 cups white flour

1 cup salt

1 1/2 cups water

Paste food coloring (optional)

Mix flour and salt in bowl until well blended and smooth. Add 1/2 cup of water and continue to mix for a few minutes. Add remaining water while turning the dough in the bowl. Knead dough for about five minutes. Knead in food coloring if desired. Shape dough, as desired, and place on a foil-covered cookie sheet. Bake in a 250-300 degree oven (about five minutes for 1"-2" pieces).

When baked piece is cool, paint with acrylics as desired. Brush or spray on a finishing coat of polyurethane to seal and protect piece.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Meijer ONE Day Sale and Target Clearance

Find your store's specific ad here for Meijer's Super Saturday Sale. Some highlights are:
Rice Krispy Treats $1.29
Pringles B2G1F
Aunt Millies Hot Dog or Hamburg Buns B1G2F
Also at Target today there were a lot more markdowns that included all school supplies, bathroom accessories, bathroom scales, bathroom towels, picture frames, comforters, blankets, scrapbooking items, beach towels, etc. It looked to me like alot of them just happened since the shelves still looked pretty stocked. Of course, the Giraffe slipper boots that Jaise HAD to have were not on clearance.........but they were cute!!!!!

Free Shipping at Bath and Body Works

There is FREE shipping on any order of $20 or more at Bath and Body Works today. Just enter code FREESHIP20 and check out some of their sales here. Also, if you sign up on their site to receive promotions via email, they will email you a coupon for a free 2 oz. Body Lotion with any purchase. You can use this coupon in store or online.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Free Hanes; Wedgie Free Wednesday!!

Don't forget to enter here for your FREE wedgie-free underwear from Hanes. Just enter your information and you can win more than once. I believe that you don't know if you win right have to wait until they come in the mail.

Homemade Gifts

I think homemade gifts are the best and they sure are alot easier on the budget. Check out Organized Christmas for some great gifts in a jar. Some are as cheap as $1.50 to make!!!! From cookies, soups to bath salts. These would be great ideas for teachers, bus drivers, secret santa, etc. They all have a printable hang tag too!!!!! How much easier can it be?!!! I am a big "gift basket" giver, so they will compliment many of my baskets this year.

More Savings

The Body Shop has some clearance items. Could be useful for stocking stuffers. Just trying to think ahead!!!

Here are some coupons you might find helpful.

Request a $5 coupon on Iams ProActive Health cat food.
Print a Glade PlugIns Gel Warmer, B1G1F to $1.99 coupon,
click here. This is a great one to have when Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, etc. runs their sales. (I think Walgreens is running one next week)
Print a $1 coupon for All Small & Mighty,
click here.
Print a $1 coupon on Windex,
click here.

VistaPrint offers a lot of free things where you only pay postage, like a t-shirt, return address labels, invitations and announcements, business cards, a pen, rubber stamps, magnets, postcards. I know this for a fact because I just received my order. I now have sticky notes, a pen, 250 business cards and a self-inking return address stamp and all I paid was $5-6 for postage. Some have said that the postage goes down if you order one small thing that you have to pay for.

Free Tote from AVEENO
As found in the new "Parents" magazine, Oct. 2008 issue, page 65
Send an original receipt for any two Aveeno products to:
Tote Bag Offer c/o Parents
375 Lexington Ave.10th Floor
New York, NY 10017
You will receive a FREE cotton tote bag, courtesy of Aveeno. While Supplies Last.
Exp. 10/31/08

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dinner Tonight

We have all been under the weather with colds and are in the need of some comfort food, so this is the dinner menu tonight and we have had it all before and it is ALL very yummy.
Mini Meatloaves:
1 egg
3/4 cup milk
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 cup quick cooking oats
1 tsp. salt
1lb ground beef
2/3 cup ketchup
1/4 cup packed brown sugar
1 12/ tsp. mustard
Preheat oven to 350. In a bowl, combine egg, milk, cheese, oats, and salt. Add the beef, mixing well and form into 8 mini meatloaves. Place them in a lightly greased 9x13 baking dish.
In a separate bowl, combine the ketchup, brown sugar and mustard. Stir and spread over each meatloaf.
Bake, uncovered, at 350 for 45 minutes.

Paula Deens Mac-n-Cheese
4 cups cooked macaroni (2cups dried)
2 cups grated cheese
3 eggs, beaten
1/2 cup sour cream
4 T. butter
1/2 tsp. salt
1 cup milk
Cook macaroni and drain. Mix all ingredients together bake at 350 for 30-45minutes

Sweet corn

Dessert: Strawberry Shortcake
Homemade Biscuits (grandma's recipe)
Mix together:
3 cups flour
4T baking powder
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 cup sugar
Cut in 2/3 cup shortening until fine. Mix 1 cup buttermilk in and make into a ball.
Put onto floured board and press down. Cut out biscuits with a glass. Bake at 400 for 10-15 minutes. The key to this recipe are to cut them out thick (1-2inches). You will only get about 6 biscuits with this recipe but they are sooooo good.

We are using them as our shortcake and will add strawberries and whip cream or ice cream. Yummy!!!!!!!!!, I won't be able to eat for the next 3 days but I will be happy tonight!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Please Help Support Tomorrow's Child

A dear sweet friend of mine, Sue Parker, lost her grandson to SIDS in 2005. I knew nothing about Tomorrow's Child until I met her and now it is a wonderful organization that I believe 100% in supporting. They have an annual fundraising walk in the fall and I have always done my best to help her out in any way that I can. I know that times are tough with the economy but that is the beauty about this organization and Sue.....if $5 is all you can spare to put towards the cause, then they are grateful for that. If you choose to help or just want to research the group a little more or see a picture of Sue's little angel, Devon, then check out this site. Sue's goal is $1000 for her team to raise and I would love it if visitors of my blog could donate a total of $500. I know that would blow her away and it would mean so much to her. So, just think about it.......if we had 50 people donate $10 each....we would do it!!!! I am always up for a challenge and I can't think of a better cause than this one. So go kiss your babies good night and then send this link to every one you know. There is a place to leave a comment if you choose to donate....and if you do, please let her know that Missy sent you. I will keep you posted!!!

Getting Healthy and Being Paid for it!

I am constantly adding new sites on the left that you can make money at (taking surveys, etc.) Here is another great site I found today. Do you want to be healthy? This is a site filled with great information and tools. For example if you monitor and log in what your food intake is then you could potentially earn $150 a year. That is just ONE way of earning $$ on this site. You are paid via a check sent to you in the mail. I think you should check it out and if you decide to join (which is totally FREE) you can use my code: ahm824007

Now, I am just beginning to research some of these sites for earning extra income but I just wanted to let you know what came in to our house last week via these extra perks:
Mturk paid via paypal $16.00 (this is site where there are "hits" (jobs) to do on the internet that pay anywhere from a penny to $100. You set up an account and start working. If you want more information, you can just email me.
Opinion Outpost check for $10
3 Rx Transfers $90.00
$78 in Register Rewards off of my next purchases (walgreens and Meijer)
$35 profit off of a Magic Bullet I sold on ebay (purchased at Walgreens for $15)
$10.99 Rebate Check in the mail

Now, not every week will be so profitable via Rx transfers or Register Rewards but this week was pretty good with $239.99 being brought in as income from me surfing the web, taking surveys, and shopping. Not bad in my opinion.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Touchdown!!! we don't get many Hurricanes here in the Great Lakes State but I sure feel like I should be building an ark!!!! There has been a constant rain Friday, Saturday and as I sit here, Sunday morning. There was really nothing severe............just a LOT of rain. With it just being rain, we packed everything up and headed out to watch Jake's first football game of the season. My parents chickened out and decided not to go because of the weather (but that worked out good, since she offered to keep Jaise so she wouldn't be out in the rain). We drive 40 minutes to get to the game. As we are sitting on the sidelines, we here a guy talking on his cell phone asking someone to check the radar....apparently, there is a pretty red "blob" heading in our direction. So, we start the game. Now, this is FLAG football......these little guys are just learning about the game AND our flag program just started last year. WOW, we looked so much better than our first game last year!!!! We scored a touchdown on the second play of the game!!!! Then we started the second quarter. It was raining MUCH harder now so I told Tim (DH) that I was going to leave my camera in the bag so it wouldn't get ruined and watch, this will be when Jake scores a touchdown. Guess what?.........Jake SCORED a TD!!!!!!!!!!! Now, Tim coming from a football family, I thought he was going to burst with pride!!!!! We were both so proud of our little guy!!! So, when we were talking to Jake about it later. He said, "you know mom, that Noah really helped me, because if he wouldn't have been blocking then the other team would have got to me and pulled my flag off!" Wow.....he really is starting to grasp the concept of the game!!!!!! Anyway.....there is about 3 minutes left in the 2nd quarter when they tell us we need to go to our cars for about 20 minutes to let the cell blow over. So as we are sitting in our car we see some lightning, hear some thunder and watch some pretty big wind gusts. Then we hear on our radio that there is a Tornado Warning!!!!! One was spotted about 20 miles north of us!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT?!!!@@ We are sitting in a parking lot while a tornado is flying around, I am just watching for the cows to go flying in front of us!!!!

After about 30 minutes, we ventured out onto the field again. By this time, the poor little guys had already been wet and were freezing. We finished up the game (winning 18-12) and headed home.

Now, that is what I call good supportive parents.........I mean, to sit through a tornado to watch your kid play football. Is that supportive or stupid?!!!

Great Gift Idea

Below are a few examples of photos that I have taken over the years. I can take any photo you have and turn it to black and white and leave a certain item in color. Contact me for pricing information if you are interested. If you live close enough, I can do a photo shoot for you with all of your photos on a cd for YOU to develop!!!

Holiday Gifts