Sunday, September 14, 2008

Touchdown!!! we don't get many Hurricanes here in the Great Lakes State but I sure feel like I should be building an ark!!!! There has been a constant rain Friday, Saturday and as I sit here, Sunday morning. There was really nothing severe............just a LOT of rain. With it just being rain, we packed everything up and headed out to watch Jake's first football game of the season. My parents chickened out and decided not to go because of the weather (but that worked out good, since she offered to keep Jaise so she wouldn't be out in the rain). We drive 40 minutes to get to the game. As we are sitting on the sidelines, we here a guy talking on his cell phone asking someone to check the radar....apparently, there is a pretty red "blob" heading in our direction. So, we start the game. Now, this is FLAG football......these little guys are just learning about the game AND our flag program just started last year. WOW, we looked so much better than our first game last year!!!! We scored a touchdown on the second play of the game!!!! Then we started the second quarter. It was raining MUCH harder now so I told Tim (DH) that I was going to leave my camera in the bag so it wouldn't get ruined and watch, this will be when Jake scores a touchdown. Guess what?.........Jake SCORED a TD!!!!!!!!!!! Now, Tim coming from a football family, I thought he was going to burst with pride!!!!! We were both so proud of our little guy!!! So, when we were talking to Jake about it later. He said, "you know mom, that Noah really helped me, because if he wouldn't have been blocking then the other team would have got to me and pulled my flag off!" Wow.....he really is starting to grasp the concept of the game!!!!!! Anyway.....there is about 3 minutes left in the 2nd quarter when they tell us we need to go to our cars for about 20 minutes to let the cell blow over. So as we are sitting in our car we see some lightning, hear some thunder and watch some pretty big wind gusts. Then we hear on our radio that there is a Tornado Warning!!!!! One was spotted about 20 miles north of us!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT?!!!@@ We are sitting in a parking lot while a tornado is flying around, I am just watching for the cows to go flying in front of us!!!!

After about 30 minutes, we ventured out onto the field again. By this time, the poor little guys had already been wet and were freezing. We finished up the game (winning 18-12) and headed home.

Now, that is what I call good supportive parents.........I mean, to sit through a tornado to watch your kid play football. Is that supportive or stupid?!!!

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