Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kellogg's Promotions

Remember the good old days when the best thing about a new box of cereal was the prize inside? There are very few now days that have the actual prize inside. Most just have a picture with instructions of how "you too can have this prize".
Anyway I just found this site tonight for Kellogg's. There are many promotions listed that I knew nothing about. There are a lot of them that are free and just require a filled out form and the upc's from the packages, which is great if you usually don't hold onto your receipt. You can also check that status of a promotion that you submitted for. I was able to check the status of my $10 Rebate Check from them for the Fuel For School Promotion.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Today's Trip...

I am beginning to understand that some Walgreen's Stores are not as nice as the ones in my area. I have been shopping there for about a month now and I have NEVER had a problem with anyone about coupons, deals etc. I can only hope that you have as positive of an experience that I have had. So.......that being said, here was my trip today:
2 Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaners
3 Windex products
2 Pledge Wipes
2 Scrubbing bubbles products
1 Family 6-n-1 Board Game (chess, checkers, etc)
1 Hello kitty Activity Set
1 Crest Mouthwash
1 package miniature reese cups
1 Hot wheels pen (stocking stuffer)
1 12 pack of Mt. Dew
1 12 pack of Diet Coke
3 bottles of Robittusin (had 3 coupons left and wanted to use them up)
3 Huge rolls of packing tape

So, total before sale, coupons, rebates, etc. was $118.92. AFTER coupons; markdowns, etc., I paid $8.05 AND I received $44.50 in Register Rewards off of my next purchase at Walgreens. So, technically I made a profit of $36.45.
I listed everything that I purchased, but just know that I made TWO transactions. Why? So I could utilize my Register Rewards from previous purchases. For example, I had a $10 RR from Robittussin that I purchased earlier in the week. If I had used that to pay for my robittussin today, then I would not have gotten the RR's for the instead, I used it to pay for the cleaning supplies (got ALL 7 cleaning products for $3.43) and received my $10 RR. You just can't use a RR to purchase the same product again.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Walgreen's Coupon for 9/12 and 9/13

$10/$40 at Walgreens good 9/12 & 9/13 . Click here. Great to use on some of the FAR for this month. Also, someone said they went in and first thing purchased 2 Walgreen's gift cards (this way you don't have to worry about what your total is at before the coupon, etc.) Then you can make your $30 stretch as far as you want to. I really think this is a great idea!!!
It might be a good time to try the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner if you haven't yet. This is what I plan to do since it is originally $24.99; on Sale for $19.99; have a coupon for $5 off; AND this week when you purchase one, you will get a $10 Register Reward off of your next order. So that is $5 final cost. I have two bathrooms and to try these it would have cost me $50, instead it will cost me $10. Remember, you can print two coupons for the $5 off but make sure if you are going to buy two that you do it in separate transactions, otherwise you will only receive ONE $10 Register Reward.
Also, it might be worth your while to check with your local grocery store (Meijer, Publix, Kroger, etc.) to see if they will accept a Register Reward from Walgreens. MANY do and you may get more mileage out of your RR's if that is the case.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wedgie Free Wednesday with Hanes

Don't forget to enter here for your FREE wedgie-free underwear from Hanes. Just enter your information and you can win more than once. I believe that you don't know if you win right have to wait until they come in the mail.

I said it.....

105 Days
14 Hours
2 Minutes

....until Christmas!!!!! I know, everyone rolls their eyes at me when I say "it's time to start Christmas shopping!".....and it is only August!!!! My sister and brother and their S.O.'s all exchange names with my husband and myself. My brother was home in July from Florida and I told them we were going to draw our names......they both said, " you have to be kidding!"........but they humored me and did it!!!! The holidays can be stressful enough with get togethers, in-laws (that is a whole different blog!!!), finding the right gift, etc. Why add to that stress my waiting until the last minute to do your shopping? Seriously, check out the stores NOW!!! A ton of them have clearance mark downs happening RIGHT NOW!!
Now, I am not talking about giving your son a snorkel or blow up swimming pool for Christmas (that would not be a ton of fun when there is 12 inches of snow outside). If you walk into any store right now....Target, Walmart, Meijer, The Dollar will see specially packaged toys for the holidays (I even saw Christmas wrapping paper at the Dollar Store the other day). These toys are NO different than the toys they were selling 3 months ago, except for maybe the packaging. So what did they do with the toys they were selling 3 months ago? They clearance them out. I am talking about Hannah Montana, Transformers, Princesses, My Little Pony, etc. The key is that you have to be "thinking" about the holidays as you travel down the aisles. I never knew there were so many markdowns mid year until this year, but you can bet I will make note of it for every year to come. Oh, and it's not just toys.....there are kitchen gadgets, bathroom towels, etc. all to make room for the new styles, brand, whatever. Be smart about your time and money and ENJOY the holidays, don't stress over them.
Just my 2 cents!!!!!......and yes, my Christmas shopping is 80% finished.

Household Notebook

Can't find the school newsletter with all of the phone numbers on it? Misplaced the to go menu from your favorite chinese restaurant? I have a solution for you!!! I put together a Household Notebook. This site can give you great printouts and an outline to begin with. What is it? Mine is a 3-ring binder that I had laying around the house and I have used tabbed dividers to separate my sections.
My sections include:
Rebates (forms and receipts that I need to enter, like for the walgreens rebates that month);
School information (phone numbers, etc.);
Holidays (gift list; budget; ideas; meal planning);
List of important phone numbers (take out; pediatricians, etc.);
and a separate space for each family member (this is where you can put any medications they are on, any allergies, any surgeries, etc.).

You could also include any warranties on your home, car updates (new tires, oil changes). There are a ton of different options. You customize your book to what your family needs. It has been a lifesaver for us and so much just to clean out a few "junk" drawers that are no longer needed since the information is filed neatly into our notebook!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oct. 7th issue of Womans Day

In the Oct. 7th issue of Womans Day (Pumpkins on Front) there is a tear out section of coupons. This is a list of what is in this issue:
$0.50/on 1 French's French Fried Onions exp 2/28/09
$0.25/on 1 Kozy Shack Product exp 2/28/09
$0.40/on 2 Campbell's Condensed Kids Soup 12/31/08
$0.40/on 2 Campbell's SpaghettiOs Pasta exp 12/31/08
$1.00/on 1 Perdue Short Cuts exp 12/31/08
$0.55/ on 1 New York Texas Toast Croutons exp 12/31/08
$0.50/ on 1 New York Brand Frozen Product exp 12/31/08
$1.00/on 2 Weight Watchers Snack Cakes, Muffins or Soft Cookies exp 12/31/08
$0.55/on 2 Domino Sugar 2 lbs. or larger exp 12/31/08
$1.00/on 1 Pledge Furniture Care Product exp 3/31/09
BOGO Free Glade Plugins Scented Oil warmer up to $8.50 exp 3/31/09
BOGO Free Glade Plugins Scented Oil Refill up to $5.49 exp 3/31/09
$2.00/on 1 Tena Serenity Underware exp 2/28/09
$1.50/on 1 Tena Serenity Overnight Pads or any Economy Pack Pads exp 2/28/09
$1.00/on 1 Refresh Product exp 12/31/08

Ideas for Dinner....

Instead of just posting a bunch of recipes from different sites, I'm going to let you in on some recipes that my family has tried. That doesn't mean you will like it but it can be an option for you. So here's my first one.....Many of you may already know about this, but I didn't until my friend Sharon told me about them almost 10 years ago.....(can you believe we have been friends that long girl?!!!)...Anyway, in the refrigerated section (at my Meijer they are located with the tortillas by the butter and beer) there is a flat box by Aztec. They are taco "shells" for a taco salad. They come with 4 in the box with the cardboard forms that you mold the shell over. You then cook your taco meat and bam.....your dinner is done. You add your lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, zesty ranch, western dressing, catalina french, olives, onions, salsa, whatever you want to and munch away. They are soooo yummy!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Bug, Cold, Plague....whatever you want to call it...

Ok, so the Robitussin cough syrup deal could not have come at a better time. Jake's cold that he contracted during the first week of school is running it's course with him. He napped on and off all weekend which is how I KNOW he was sick. He is 7....he doesn't appreciate the chance to take a nap yet!!!! Well, the little bug has moved it's way into my body and I hope will exit very soon. I stumbled upon this blog article about the "plague" as she refers to it and made me forget about mine for a minute!!! (Almost peed my pants a couple of times!) It's worth taking the time to read, you never know when you could use some of the information!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Here is another good site I stumbled upon for printing coupons, etc. Remember, the more coupons you have the better. You never know when you may have the opportunity to use them!!

Did you notice that? The word "upon" is highlighted and underlined so you can just click on it and it will take you to where I am talking about!!!!! That is called a "hyperlink" and I just learned how to do it!!!!! Yahoo!!!! That will make your life so much easier as I sift through the wide web to bring you great ideas!!!!

Today's Trip

Okay was today's trip to Walgreen's:
One Glade Fabric and Odor Eliminator Spray
One Crest Mouthwash
Three Robitussin Cough Syrups
One Package of Duracell Batteries
One Jar of Jif Peanut Butter
One Tylenol PM Gelcaps

Total Before coupons, rebates, etc. was 40.22
After Coupons I paid $8.66 AND I now have $14.50 in Register Rewards (same as cash) to use in Walgreens at my next purchase. So, I guess you could technically say that I was paid $5.84 to walk into their store and take these things home. Now, THAT is what I'm talkin' about!!!!!

Okay....I have been pretty successful at Walgreen's since my newfound hobby but have been striving to do better at the "grocery" store. Today wasn't so bad. Here is what I was able to get at Meijer:
2 32oz CoffeMate Creamers
2 Marie Callander's Pot Pies
4 Boxes of various Mueller's Pasta
2 Betty Crocker Augratin Potatoes
6 Green Giant Frozen Broccoli and Cheese Vegetables
2 Boxes of Little Debbie Snacks
1 Spray and Wash Resolve Laundry Spray
1 Tide Total Care 40 load size
2 Boxes of Eggo Frozen Waffles
2 tubes of Crest Toothpaste
2 Loaves of Butternut Bread
One Gallon of Milk
4 Pillsbury Ready Made Cookie Dough
4 Pillsbury Ready Made Pie Crust

Total Before Coupons, etc. ....$100.59
Total that I paid.....$$42.63 Plus I received $14.00 in coupons off of my next order. So, technically, you could say my total was...$28.63. Not too bad in my opinion. Now, $20 of my savings was from a $20 RX coupon in the paper today (new or transferred). When you use this coupon it prints out a $10 coupon for your next new rx or REFILL.

So totals for today.......purchased $140.81; paid OOP (out of pocket) $51.29 with $28.50 in coupons off my next purchases so technically $22.79 will leave my bank account for what I brought home today.

It is definitely worth my time and effort to research the sales and clip my coupons. Hopefully you can benefit from some of the deals too!!!

Great Gift Idea

Below are a few examples of photos that I have taken over the years. I can take any photo you have and turn it to black and white and leave a certain item in color. Contact me for pricing information if you are interested. If you live close enough, I can do a photo shoot for you with all of your photos on a cd for YOU to develop!!!

Holiday Gifts