Sunday, September 7, 2008

Today's Trip

Okay was today's trip to Walgreen's:
One Glade Fabric and Odor Eliminator Spray
One Crest Mouthwash
Three Robitussin Cough Syrups
One Package of Duracell Batteries
One Jar of Jif Peanut Butter
One Tylenol PM Gelcaps

Total Before coupons, rebates, etc. was 40.22
After Coupons I paid $8.66 AND I now have $14.50 in Register Rewards (same as cash) to use in Walgreens at my next purchase. So, I guess you could technically say that I was paid $5.84 to walk into their store and take these things home. Now, THAT is what I'm talkin' about!!!!!

Okay....I have been pretty successful at Walgreen's since my newfound hobby but have been striving to do better at the "grocery" store. Today wasn't so bad. Here is what I was able to get at Meijer:
2 32oz CoffeMate Creamers
2 Marie Callander's Pot Pies
4 Boxes of various Mueller's Pasta
2 Betty Crocker Augratin Potatoes
6 Green Giant Frozen Broccoli and Cheese Vegetables
2 Boxes of Little Debbie Snacks
1 Spray and Wash Resolve Laundry Spray
1 Tide Total Care 40 load size
2 Boxes of Eggo Frozen Waffles
2 tubes of Crest Toothpaste
2 Loaves of Butternut Bread
One Gallon of Milk
4 Pillsbury Ready Made Cookie Dough
4 Pillsbury Ready Made Pie Crust

Total Before Coupons, etc. ....$100.59
Total that I paid.....$$42.63 Plus I received $14.00 in coupons off of my next order. So, technically, you could say my total was...$28.63. Not too bad in my opinion. Now, $20 of my savings was from a $20 RX coupon in the paper today (new or transferred). When you use this coupon it prints out a $10 coupon for your next new rx or REFILL.

So totals for today.......purchased $140.81; paid OOP (out of pocket) $51.29 with $28.50 in coupons off my next purchases so technically $22.79 will leave my bank account for what I brought home today.

It is definitely worth my time and effort to research the sales and clip my coupons. Hopefully you can benefit from some of the deals too!!!

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