Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Household Notebook

Can't find the school newsletter with all of the phone numbers on it? Misplaced the to go menu from your favorite chinese restaurant? I have a solution for you!!! I put together a Household Notebook. This site can give you great printouts and an outline to begin with. What is it? Mine is a 3-ring binder that I had laying around the house and I have used tabbed dividers to separate my sections.
My sections include:
Rebates (forms and receipts that I need to enter, like for the walgreens rebates that month);
School information (phone numbers, etc.);
Holidays (gift list; budget; ideas; meal planning);
List of important phone numbers (take out; pediatricians, etc.);
and a separate space for each family member (this is where you can put any medications they are on, any allergies, any surgeries, etc.).

You could also include any warranties on your home, car updates (new tires, oil changes). There are a ton of different options. You customize your book to what your family needs. It has been a lifesaver for us and so much just to clean out a few "junk" drawers that are no longer needed since the information is filed neatly into our notebook!

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Great Gift Idea

Below are a few examples of photos that I have taken over the years. I can take any photo you have and turn it to black and white and leave a certain item in color. Contact me for pricing information if you are interested. If you live close enough, I can do a photo shoot for you with all of your photos on a cd for YOU to develop!!!

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