Monday, September 15, 2008

Getting Healthy and Being Paid for it!

I am constantly adding new sites on the left that you can make money at (taking surveys, etc.) Here is another great site I found today. Do you want to be healthy? This is a site filled with great information and tools. For example if you monitor and log in what your food intake is then you could potentially earn $150 a year. That is just ONE way of earning $$ on this site. You are paid via a check sent to you in the mail. I think you should check it out and if you decide to join (which is totally FREE) you can use my code: ahm824007

Now, I am just beginning to research some of these sites for earning extra income but I just wanted to let you know what came in to our house last week via these extra perks:
Mturk paid via paypal $16.00 (this is site where there are "hits" (jobs) to do on the internet that pay anywhere from a penny to $100. You set up an account and start working. If you want more information, you can just email me.
Opinion Outpost check for $10
3 Rx Transfers $90.00
$78 in Register Rewards off of my next purchases (walgreens and Meijer)
$35 profit off of a Magic Bullet I sold on ebay (purchased at Walgreens for $15)
$10.99 Rebate Check in the mail

Now, not every week will be so profitable via Rx transfers or Register Rewards but this week was pretty good with $239.99 being brought in as income from me surfing the web, taking surveys, and shopping. Not bad in my opinion.

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