Friday, January 16, 2009

Strength * Focus * Discipline

I am learning that weight loss is a journey and there is a LOT to learn!!!! I am being told by everyone that lifting weights is GOOD and that it will help me burn calories in the future. I am just going to have to trust you all on that one and I am continuing to incorporate weights into my routine.
I feel like this was a good week. I worked out everyday with cardio on my treadmill and then Monday - Friday added the strength/weight workouts as well.
This morning I am only down 1/2 of a pound BUT......I started taking "Trainer Matt's" and sister Erin's advice and took my measurements this week and am down 1 inch in my stomach which is where I want it to disappear!!!!! (you can't exactly use the term "baby weight" when the baby is going to be 3 in a couple of months!!!).
So, Trainer Matt informed me that I probably won't see any change in the scale for 6-8 weeks after I started the program......however, I would notice a difference in how my clothes fit and my measurements. That is why I decided to take them last week and honestly.......I am more excited about seeing the One Inch loss than I am about the 1/2 of a pound loss even though I am OCD with respect to my scale!!!!
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1 comment:

Christie O. said...

awesome!!! that's true about it taking a little bit of time, but the good part is that there'll be shifting, just like you're noticing! congrats for that!!! I will not lose weight (and trust me I've tried it) without lifting weights and incorporating weightlifting into my workouts. that's just the way it is for me. i can do cardio all day long, but i need to add weights. good luck!!!! stay strong!

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