Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I have been robbed!!!

Jaise and I get together with a couple of other girls for breakfast a couple of times a month.
We always go "dutch". So, we got our tax return back and me being the big spender that I am told everyone that breakfast was MY treat. Sit back, order anything you want....it's on me!!!
Breakfast is cheap and there was only 6 of us and two of them were 3 year olds....so I figure $75 would be plenty of cash to have on hand.
So I proudly grab the bill and open my wallet.....I instantly start to SWEAT....where is my money?!! WTF!!!! They won't take checks and my debit card expired YESTERDAY!!!!
My friend grabbed the bill and said "I'll get it today, you can get it next time" It's a good thing I know her so well but I was still pissed off as to where my money was.
I went home and hopped on my treadmill to burn off some anger and then went to grab a recipe from the drawer in the kitchen and there is was....all crumpled up....my $75!!!
My lovely 2 year old decided it would be better safe keeping in a drawer in my kitchen than in my wallet!!!!!


Kasey Hunt said...

I'm glad you found your money.

Six Feet Under Blog said...

Dont you hate that?

kel said...

That sucks!! My dog once took 40 dollars off the table and ate it. (we were waiting for the delivery guy to bring the chinese) we only knew he ate it when we had to poop scoop the next day.. 40 dollar in a pile of poo.. good times.

Kristen Andrews said...

yikes, Will does that kind of stuff to be often it can be embarassing one time I didn't have enough cash for a happy meal and the credit card machine was broken

Jenni Jiggety said...

Doh! I am glad it turned up!

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