Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Tribute: Peer Pressure

I never thought I would say that I LOVE peer pressure, but I do!!!
Jaise is 3 and she has a friend, Avery who is one month younger than Jaise. Avery is as smart as a whip, seriously the little tyke could start college right now and be just fine!!! So, they both started a month or so ago to seriously potty train. Everyone has told me that "girls are SOOOO much easier than boys". Whateva.....
We started with a prize box and Jaise was on task. The cooler the prize, the more she wanted to pee AND if she poo-pood she got to pick TWO prizes!!!! We were sailing through and no accidents for an entire week. No more diapers....wahoo!!!!! Then......she stopped, recessed, pedaled backwards.......stopped peeing, etc. in the toilet. What?!!! I don't understand. Then I got tired of cleaning up accidents and put the pull-ups back on and cried....
THEN, Avery started coming to play with us yesterday and Avery doesn't wear pull-ups EVER!!! She asked Jaise why she was wearing them. Good question Avery! Then Avery went POOP on the potty and Jaise was a witness and all of a sudden had to go on the potty. BAM!!! The switch had been clicked again with only one accident yesterday.
Then last night.....you guessed it....."Mom, I have to go BIG poopy on the potty like Avery!!" and she DID!!!! I will spare you the details but we celebrated BIG time!!!! So I figure if we had this much success in one day, that within a month Jaise will be ready for college as well.
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Trudy said...

Hi, linked up to you over at Jenni's...you know, the whole poop in common thing. This is a great post and it always amazes me how kids succumb to peer pressure at such an early age. Sometimes the little ones can be better teachers because they are learning it at the same time! Congrats and hope you have more poopy in the potty tales for us soon!

Kristen Andrews said...

can I plz borrow Avery, we are still working on this w/ Will and he wants no part of it.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

LOL that is so cute!! I had a horrible time trying to potty train my DD, she was petrified of panties...No kidding I put them on her one day and she layed in the hall and cried for 2 hours!!!

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