Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

1. The shocker of the week was the death of Michael Jackson. So as each television station has been doing stories and playing his music, my 7 yr old has become very interested in Michael's songs. He now walks around the house singing "Beat It" and he can't believe that MOM listened to his songs and actually knows the words. And he absolutely does not believe that for my 11th birthday I was THRILLED to receive a t-shirt with Michael Jackson's Thriller album on it and MATCHING dangly earrings!!!! That was the best birthday EVER!!!!!

2.I want to thank my friend Kristen over at La Dolce Vita for pointing me in the direction of Artfire. I had never heard of it before and was looking for an outlet to sell some of my new Wish Bracelets.......take a look........

Aren't these the coolest thing? You can use them as a bracelet or an anklet and they are perfect to give to anyone for any occasion!!! You make a wish as you put it on, you wear it 24/7 and when the charm wears off then your wish shall come true!!! So check out my others at my Artfire Store called PinkShimmer.
3. We took 3 HUGE bowls of lettuce and spinach out of our garden yesterday. You know what that means......we'll be poopin' green all week!!!
4. Jake (my 7 yr old) has a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks. His list this year is much shorter than past years and it includes a couple of video games, a couple of books and legos. Not a $30 lego set.....he wants a $100 lego set.....WTF!???? I just can't bring myself to purchase a box of legos for $100 when he already has a rubbermaid tub filled with legos!!!! Am I a mean mom?
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Design it Chic said...

those bracelets are really cute!

Oh and happy b-day for your son.. i know the expensive-Lego-stage from my brother when he was 9.. it's just getting worse i tell you:))

Happy Randomness!

(came here via The UnMom)

shopannies said...

love fresh garden lettuce

andy said...


first: those bracelets are kick a** cool. i love handmade jewelry and all the effort that goes into crafting it.

second: my son had a serious obsession with GI Joe's and all things army when he was younger(he now has to have an organizer to keep them straight). i would have a little chat with your boy where you explain that if he wants something so expensive he needs to realize that it will pretty much be his only gift. if he really wants it, he won't be swayed...but if there is that little bit of doubt about only receiving one present he may change his mind.

you'll just need a spare room to keep all of it in. that's all;)

take care:)


blueviolet said...

I know what you're saying with the Legos. If someone would just sell design plans that we could all use with the skads and skads we already have...

Keely said...

I love those bracelets!

My garden is choked with spinach too. I should probably eat some of it.

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