Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blog Hop 3 Things.....

The Blog Hop this week is: Tell me 3 things you didn't know about me. I am focusing them around my oldest, Jake because today it is all about him......since it is his birthday!!!!!
~Jake fueled my passion for photography ever since he was days old. I just couldn't believe that he was mine!!!! We had to leave him in the hospital for one night after they discharged me from having him. We were NOT prepared for that at all!!!!! I feel for all of those babies that are born prematurely or with illnesses......my heart truly breaks for them.

~ I fought with my brother like crazy while we were growing up even though we were 8 years apart. It's crazy how Jake acts JUST like him at that age!!!!! No wonder Jake idolizes his Uncle Matt and they get along like 2 peas in a pod!!!

~ I am EXTREMELY thankful that my epidural worked while I delivered him because it didn't work when I gave birth to my daughter....so I know the difference!! It made me not so angry at my hubby when he ran out to Burger King to get something to eat at 11:45pm because "this was my first child and I was only dilated to 6".........Jake was born at 12:21am. Yes, it's true that he almost missed the birth of his son for a whopper.......but my epidural worked and I wasn't at all upset.

Happy Birthday Jake!!!! We love you!!!!


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Anonymous said...

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Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

Great list. I love how you centered it all around your son for his birthday. That was really sweet.

Many Blessings,

Moms On The Go said...

Happy Birthday to him!

Happy Hopping to you lol

Anonymous said...

I would never let him live that whopper down!! Haha! Happy Blog Hopping!

Jaclyn said...

Love the pictures! Especially the flag photo. It's a good thing your husband made it back on time from the drive thru!

the brown couch said...

Poppin'over from Brown Couch Events

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You are invited to my Stella & Dot Jewelry Party happening all week at Comfort Joy Designs! Hope to see you there!

Frantic Holly said...

Just hopping by to say Hi and visit your list!

Sheila said...

Hoppin in to say hi!


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