Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not lure my 3 yr old out into the 90 degree heat yesterday with a promise to ride the 4-wheeler so I could do a photo shoot with her. That would be mean and I would never do that.
I did not tell my kids that it was midnight last night when we lost power so that they would go to sleep (when it was only 9:30).
I did not watch meaningless tv like "Housewives of _____" marathon's and Miami Social and Tori and Dean and Big Brother yesterday.
Saving the best for last.............I DID NOT want to strangle my 8 yr old when he announced "EWWWW that is POOP at the bottom of the pool" when we were at my mother in law's marina pool. Yes, there were other people present at the pool and I thought little J had made it to the potty in time, I mean she hasn't had an accident in over a month. Evidently I was wrong....
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Shelly said...

LOL Yuck! Leave it to an 8 year old to tell everyone!

Val said...

LOL! Poop in the pool with an 8 year old broadcasting. Too funny!

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