Monday, December 29, 2008

It's Finally Over....Fake Santa and All

So, most people have many places to go during the holidays, especially if you live near family. If you throw in divorced parents, that doubles the places you have to go. So in our house, the day after Thanksgiving is our peak for excitement for Christmas. We are excited the whole month of December. Mid December is my husbands work party and the kids are happy to see Santa visit them there. Then the week of Christmas arrives and we are all SCROOGES by the time it is over from lack of sleep, not having a minute to just chill and enjoy the moment and the wrapping paper mess EVERYWHERE!!!!!
We started Monday night at my mother-in-laws house. She always puts on a play with the little kids and when someone goes off to the bathroom, magically, Santa appears. This year he came in with a trash bag filled with presents (hey even Santa is trying to cut back...maybe he sold his pretty red bag on ebay for some cash....who knows?!). So the little kids sat patiently as he called their names and gave them each a present and then he was gone and magically Gpa appeared back from the bathroom.

So, we had another Christmas Tuesday night, then Christmas Eve we were at my Grandma's and Jake was asked what he had gotten so far. He very matter of factly said he got a lego set from the "fake santa" at Grandma Becky's.
How did you know he was fake?
Because he had a pillow sticking out from under his coat.
Evidently Santa is not very good with detail or else my Jake is one smart cookie!!!
So, Christmas morning was the best. By this time I was living on caffeine and would have preferred to have an IV drip with me at all times. The kids woke up around 8am which would have been perfect if I hadn't stayed up until 2:30am playing "Would You Rather" and "Catchphrase" and drinking sangria with my brother, sister, hubby and Joe (sister's S.O.)
Christmas is my favorite holiday and by the time kids don't buy into the whole santa thing anymore, I will have nieces and nephews that do. It is just priceless to see their faces Christmas morning and the amazement that he really came to their house.
I love it but am glad to see it go away for another year. I am going to enjoy doing absolutely nothing this entire week!!!!


Kasey Hunt said...

Wow, you were busy busy this month. Hopefully you'll have a relaxing January.

Jenni Jiggety said...

Sounds like a hectic but fun Christmas!!! Enjoy you relaxing week of nothingness!

My Trendy Tykes said...

LOL@ FAKE SANTA'S pillow!!


Rain said...

yep, around my house the biggest celebration is when we look at each other and breathe a heavy sigh of thank-goodness-Christmas-is-over. How does this holiday last two months??

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