Friday, January 2, 2009

FTF Friday.....Some Good Information

This is a picture of my two favorite Christmas gifts. Well, the "strength, focus, discipline" blue bracelet was a gift from Christie after our last challenge and it is amazing how it can mentally help you pull through the last 10 minutes of a workout!!! Thank you Christie!!!!! The watch is my polar heart rate monitor watch so I can make sure my workouts are doing some good!!!! If I am going to do them, they need to count for something!!!!
Ok, so I have been on the bandwagon to drop a few pounds with Christie and many others over at Baby Tea Leaves and I love it. However, if you have been following my posts, I am pretty much at a standstill for the past month or so and this week is no different......I had no change. Yes, I want to be healthy and I know the only way to safely lose weight is by diet and exercise, which is what I am doing. But.....I want to do more of it to see more results. brother is a trainer in Florida and he was home for a week at Christmas. He introduced me to a new website called Crossfit. It is completely free and you log on every day to see the workout of the day. Many of the workouts are named after soldiers which I thought was very cool. Anyway, it is different everyday.....some days are pretty tough (like I think I might die today!!!) and some seem like they are nothing. I haven't focused on weight training for a while and I know I need to so this is helping me. I don't always know how to do a particular exercise so Matt is gracious enough to send me videos on those and he is modifying them for me so I don't quit after the first one. For example today I will be doing:
1 mile
50 rows (with 10lb dumbbells)
50 push ups (knee push ups)
100 squats (just with body weight)
1 mile
I was pretty surprised that my heart rate gets up pretty high when I am doing the weights and I thought it would be when I was doing cardio. This is probably why I have not been losing more.


Jenni Jiggety said...

I am totally checking out thay website! Woo Hoo!

Christie O. said...

thanks for the shout out! i love my bracelet, it really helps me! i'm such a freak, i've got the bracelet, then i've got my necklace, i workout out with all these messages draped all over me hahahaha!

anyway, love that site, i so need to mix it up and i'm headed over now to bookmark! thanks!! and thanks bro! ps. those pictures up top are AMAZING! i love the black and whites with the color in them!!

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