Friday, December 12, 2008

Quest for Greatness

So, the Hot for the Holidays challenge is officially over. I was a little sad because I enjoy having to report to weigh in every Friday. I know I am a little odd......but it helped to make me accountable throughout the week. However.....Christie over at Baby Tea Leaves has organized another challenge.....the Quest for Greatness. Here is the theory. She suggests that you register and pay for an event around March of 2009 and then start to train for it. The thinking is that if you pay for something you will be more prone to stick to a schedule. BUT the great thing is that you don't have to register for an event to be part of the challenge. I understand the whole "accomplishing" feeling and satisfaction from completing something, but I am just NOT an event person. However, I still have goals and think being part of this challenge will help me get there. My goal is to be consistently walking 5 miles per day a minimum of 4 days per week by March 22nd (that is my 12 year anniversary).
This week I have done 2 miles one day and 3 miles another day and after this post I am off to do 3 more miles. I have no change in my weight this week. I know it's not going to be easy. This takes dedication, time and an attitude to push through the yucky days. Make sure to check out the other goals people have made and go ahead.....make a goal of your own!!!!

1 comment:

Christie O. said...

That is an awesome goal!! and it looks like you're on your way!! awesome!!

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