Monday, February 23, 2009

I would rather have a sinus infection....

You heard me correctly!!! In fact, I would rather have a sinus infection, double ear infection, strep throat AND bronchitis than the yucky VOMIT virus that I contracted!!! I HATE throwing up more than anything!!!
At least I was the first one to get it. If someone else in our house gets it first then I spend all of my time "anticipating" when it is going to hit me and re-think EVERYTHING that goes into my mouth....asking myself "do I really want to see this a second time?"
I now own stock in Lysol and am going to rest so when it hits the rest of the family I will be prepared to do my "motherly" duties!!!
At least I didn't get sick on Thursday....I have a highlighting hair appointment and I CAN'T miss that!!!


Nina said...

I agree with you 100%, I would rather have anything than throwing up. I have actually had to get a shot from the doctor before to stop myself from throwing up.

Hope you feel better soon and maybe you will get lucky and no one else will end up sick.

Jenni Jiggety said...

Puking is the WORST! Yuck.

Feel better!

Kristen Andrews said...

feel better soon! I agree!

Christie O. said...

oh boy I hope you feel better. i do everything i can to avoid throwing up. i somehow even stifled my morning sickness when i was pregnant. anyway, was just checkin in, wanted to know if you're still questing (before or after the sickness) cause we're missin ya and we've got a giveaway goin this week! xo take care you!

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