Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Tribute: 3 years ago Today

It's hard to believe just how fast the time flies. Three years ago today, I was "chunky" and very irritated with a certain doctor that assured me my epidural would "not" run out. I then began to have an "out of body" experience as our little princess entered the world. I will spare you the details since this is a tribute to HER, not my labor experience!!!! So sit back and enjoy the show.

Here is little Jaise just minutes old. Isn't it weird how your babies cry is the most wonderful sound in the world at that moment?

I can't believe I am posting "THE" hospital photo for millions to view, BUT it is one of my very favorite photos from that day. (You would never guess that just minutes prior to this I was yelling at my doctor, not cursing, but definitely yelling!!!)

She truly was the perfect baby. If I had not experienced it myself, I would have thought that a perfect baby didn't really exist. She slept through the night (8 straight hours) from day ONE!!! That right there qualifies her for the running of a "perfect" baby in my opinion!!!! She loved the camera from day one and never minded when I took her photo.

She has grown into a little person with her own fashion sense, language, and attitude at times. I never said she was the perfect toddler.......but we wouldn't trade her for anything!!!!

So, here we are 3 years later wondering where the time went and treasuring each day that we have together. Now, if we can just master potty training....mommy will be really happy!!!

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angie said...

Oh my goodness. This was such a sweet post. Happy Birthday to your wonderful girl! :)

Amy said...

What a sweet little girl and a wonderful tribute. Time just flies by, doesn't it? Your hospital picture is great a lot better than mine!

The Mom Jen said...

GUESS WHAT...you won the necklace contest on my review blog! email me!! themomjen at gmail dot com

Kristen Andrews said...

happy birthday she is precious!

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