Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

1. My son, who is 7, is in the Little League Championship Game and I am WAY excited about it. I know it's all about having fun at this age, but I get so nervous when there are 2 outs and he is up to bat!!! I don't know why....he is a great hitter but I just can't stand it!!
2. I absolutely DESPISE mosquitos. I don't care where the fall on the food chain or the circle of life, I just really HATE them!!!!
3. I have a serious addiction.....Bejeweled Blitz on facebook. I have played two games already while writing this post. I thought the newness of the game would wear off but I find myself attempting to beat all of my "friends'" scores which is totally ridiculous.....I mean how can someone get 198,000 in ONE minute?!!!!
4. I also have OCD when it comes to my garden. I use my "weasel" everyday to attack the weeds. Weeds fear me!!! :o)
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Design it Chic said...

Oh i hate mosquitoes to.. and also bees... i fear them and i scream like a lunatic when they come close to me.
Happy Randomness!

(fellow random girl here)

Otter Thomas said...

I grew up in southeast arkansas and the mosquito is the state bird. They take over the entire town in the summer, day and night. I hate them som much. I don't have many where I live now and I certainly don't miss them.

Mama Badger said...

Grrr, I hate the mosquitoes with you all. One bit the LG near the eye the other day, and it looks like he got hit with a softball! Yucko.

Swoozie said...

First time over to your blog! Great RTT! I'm a new follower!

Have a fab Tuesday!!!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I despise mosquito's, too - for some reason they think I'm the perfect feast, but they leave hubby alone...wonder if it's because he likes to eat extra spicy stuff? Maybe I should think about going spicy to keep those little buggers away... ;)

Happy RTT! :)

Heather said...

Right there with you on the Bejeweled Blitz! I could kick myself for even starting to play it!

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