Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me Monday

It's time for another week of me admitting what I would never in a million years do and thanks to My Charming Kids for hosting.
I did not spend hours on Saturday wrapping presents for my kids from Santa, place them in a very discreet place in our basement and then find out that my kids had gone into the basement and found their stocking stuffers!!!!! I absolutely did not then lie to them and say that Santa needed to drop them off a little early this year and I told him I would keep an eye on them for him!!!!!
I did not put a diaper on little J to attend Daddy's Christmas party so that I did not have to take her to the bathroom 25 times while we were there. I have waited too long for her to finally potty train to do something like that. (FYI: she did great and even though she had a diaper on, she still told me about 12 times that she had to go potty, I took her, lined the toilet with paper and held her there each time and she went!!!! Diaper was still dry when we got home!!!)
Check out more "Not Me's" at My Charming Kids and enjoy knowing that others struggled through their week just as you did.


Dell5 said...

Your "Not Me's" sound like something I would do too......I mean, something I would most certainly NOT do!

Following Him said...

I love your Not mes! Found you through MckMama!!!

Mrs. Not-so-Domesticated said...

Love the Santa comments, obviously he's a busy man...Thanks for visiting!

amanda said...

my daughter was way over three before she was trained. no biggie. they won't graduate in diapers. at least high school. lol.

Honey Mommy said...

Wow. Great job with the potty training!

I still need to get some stocking stuffers! You can tell your kids you were keeping them for me. :o)

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