Friday, January 9, 2009

I Now Understand......

I now get why so many people fall off of the weight loss wagon after they are motivated. I have re-introduced my body to cardio the past few months and am happy that I have dropped 20 lbs. However, the past 7-10 days I have upped my cardio AND added weight training. AND.....are you sitting down?........I have been watching what goes into my mouth!!!! Snacks are pretzels, celery, yogurt. Little J has been sick the past two days and I made her homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and I have been eating that and oatmeal and salads and I got on the scale this morning and........NOTHING........not an ounce of movement!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!! So I am venting to my sister about it and she says it's muscle.......muscle weighs more than fat. Then why am I lifting weights?!!!!???? The whole goal is to LOSE weight, not to gain it!!!!! I know, I'll burn more calories with muscle, it will increase your metabolism, yada yada yada.
Did I mention not even an ounce of a loss?!!!!!
So, don't worry about me. I am not racing to a Krispy Kreme drive thru or anything but I had better see that scale move next Friday in the negative or else I see a Whopper with my name on it in the very near future!!


Jenni Jiggety said...

Muscle is GOOOOOD! You are doing the perfect things to lose weight! Keep it up!

Kristen Andrews said...

you are gaining muschle and muscle is a good thing as Jenni said :) wow 20lbs that is awesome!

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