Saturday, September 6, 2008

First Week of School

The first week of school has come to a close. We have survived and are starting to get our first cold. Yes, I say "we" because once my son brings it home, we will all get it!!!! Jake goes to a very small public school. It reminds me of "Hoosiers" and yes, it really is in the middle of a corn field!! We are both used to small schools, however. I attended a school where we had a graduating class of 48!!!! My husband graduated the next year with about 70 or so. I only have experience with the elementary school and so far there have been two teachers for each grade. Jake is a great student and he is lucky that things come fairly easy to him. He can be quite the little stinker at home, but I guess when he is at school he just wants to "please" his teacher so much that he does what she asks...........the FIRST time!!!!! His 1st grade teacher decided to move to 2nd grade so she took her entire class with her. I am a little concerned with him becoming too comfortable with her and starting to act up, but we will could be a long year!!!!

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