Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall Fun

We have been busy having some fall fun.

Here we are making caramel apples. I have never done this before and know it will become a family tradition every year now. Sticky mess and all, Jaise had a ball!! I think she still looks cute, even with her jacked up hair that she cut a few weeks ago!

Here is Jaise playing in the leaves. Jake was too busy climbing a tree to be involved with throwing leaves in the air, but she had a ball!!!

And here she is with my sister (the trendy, skinny one)....well, really the only sister I have. We were at Jake's Football game and Jaise is obsessed with sunglasses and shoes and having her picture taken. I know, she looks hot in these sunglasses. These are actually her "ok" glasses. She has pink ones that open up to the side and are quite frankly a little freaky.

I promise to post some deals tomorrow for you to keep in mind for next week.

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