Friday, October 17, 2008

Hot for the Holidays Update and some Healthy Snacks

I talked about my experience in doing 5 miles all at ONE time last Sunday. I'm not sure if that helped me or hurt me since I couldn't move the next two days without feeling like I was 97!!! Anyway, I scaled it down a bit and did 1 mile on Wednesday and 2 miles on Thursday. I am more and more conscience of the foods I am eating. I have to hand it to McDonald's, whoever thought up the Happy Meal Idea was brilliant in the field of Marketing. I have mentioned that my sons new thing is Hot Wheels and guess what the toy is in the meal? Yep, Hot Wheels. So, after he was very patient helping me run errands the other day I stopped for him and instead of ordering a snack wrap or chicken sandwich...I ordered a parfait!!! It was really yummy......I have never had one before.
So, that is one of my new healthy snacks to share with all of you. Vanilla yogurt layered with fruit.........not brilliant or new, but yummy and healthy. My other healthy snack to share with you is a Tortilla Wrap: One tortilla with a thin layer of garden vegetable, chives, any kind of cream cheese you want, then a slice of turkey (any lunch meat you want), lettuce and roll it up. You can even pop these in the fridge for those times when you are STARVING and they are already made for you.
Ok, Christie wanted us to share with you our favorite and not so favorite part of our body. It was pretty easy on my not so favorite part of my body.....the baby bump but, without the baby. Yes, the bump is still there. I need the "muffin top" to go away when I wear my jeans!!! My favorite part of my body are my hands.
And now for the weigh in........I lost 1.2 lbs. this week. I'm taking it since it is not a gain and it is just reinforcing what we all know......eating healthier and exercising is the way to go.
You can read about more HFH updates at Baby Tea Leaves.


Honey Mommy said...

Great job!

Does hair count as a body part? That's the part that I love the most! :o)

beckyjomama said...

Great job ... and you are so right, a loss is a loss. Keep it up:)

And, yes, parfaits are yum-O

Kasey Hunt said...

keep up the hard work!

Michelle said...

Keep it up, your are doing great!!!

Dragonsinger said...

Yay for a loss... and we're sort of neighers.. I'm just a few miles over in Heavener, OK :D Maybe a coffee in Poteau one day?

mom_of2boys said...

Great job! Keep up the great work!

I used to eat the parfaits when I was working. Now I try to stay away from fast food. But they are YUMMY!

Julie Myers said...

LOL! I wish I could stay away from fast food;) I love the parfaits too! But I'm not nearly as healthy I always opt for the Hazelnut iced coffee. The tortilla wrap sounds yummy! Hooray! For losing!

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