Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It takes a lot to get by BP up, but.....

I have never been a politically charged person. It doesn't interest me and I have enough drama in my life. I am not saying that I shouldn't take more of an interest, I just don't. Luckily, my husband does, and I can go to him for any of the questions I have. However, I am smart enough to realize that the $700 billion bailout came out of my pocket and everyone that I know. I am also smart enough to know that not only myself, but everyone I know, is having a hard time feeding their family, putting gas into their cars (if they are lucky enough to have a job), heating their house and keeping their lights on. The days of pizza out, movies at the theater and being able to pick something just because it is cute are OVER!!! Knowing all of this, my blood pressure went through the roof when I read this article. The main just of the article goes on to describe how AIG received $85 billion from the government to help rescue it and the very next week their top executives were on a spa retreat that totaled over $440,000!!!!!!!!!! What?!!! They are getting massages, golfing and drinking umbrella drinks with MY money and my family is eating peanut butter and jelly? What is wrong with this picture? I guess it was said that these companies went to the government to ask for help because they had poor management skills and had made some poor judgements and that is why they needed help. I would say they haven't learned their lesson yet. I wonder, if I go out and rack up $200,000 in debt, would the government help me for the "poor management and judgements" I made?

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