Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 7 at Mom Dot's Blog Party brings the question of who is on your Naughty List and Nice List?
I am pretty sure that after reading many blog posts this morning, I am the ONLY one with a naughty list!!!! I agree with many that the economy, the wall street bailout execs and now the big 3 execs (with their $20,000 private jet trip to D.C. to ask for $25 billion) all top my naughty list. However, I have a few in-laws that are pretty high up on that list as well. Oh, it shouldn't be a surprise, I'm sure they know who they are. However, I will leave them nameless for now and if they are reading they can wonder which list they have "earned" the right to be on!!!!
Now, my nice list is quite extensive as well. My immediate family and my "nice" in-laws (the ones that would give you the shirt off their back and freeze but would make sure you were warm) . You know who you are Susie girl!!!! I would even include everyone who has struggled through the tough times this year through this economic crisis. I do use the whole "Santa" is watching phrase. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. I love Sarah's post on Mom Dot where she says the camera's in the stores are there for parents to say "click" and the video of the "bad" behavior will be sent to Santa immediately!!! I might use that one!!!
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Tena said...

Move over, I am one that was able to come up with a naughty list too!!
That click idea was clever huh??!!

Momstart said...

my kids are't old enough yet to use the phrase santa is watching. I sure could use that right now with the terrible twos

Kristen Andrews said...

oh I have a naughty list too. I agree w/ the 20k jet flight and then begging for money, please people fly coach like the rest of us.

SavvySuzie said...

HAHAHA...My little guy is too young for the store camera line, but that'll be in my back pocket for sure!

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