Monday, November 17, 2008

So, day 4 of Mom Dot's Blog Party is here and my internet is finally up and running!!!! Today's question is:
What is your favorite Holiday recipe?
It just wouldn't be Christmas without our sugar cookies!! They are soooo yummy that I have found every excuse imaginable to make them for different occasions. You can check out the recipe here. My grandma decorates them perfectly (almost too perfect to eat) and my kids, well.........decorate like kids do!! Either way, they soooo good!!
What does your Holiday table look like?
MY holiday table has a runner down the center (that my great, great grandma made) with a gorgeous vase filled with Christmas bulbs and a candle in the center, 2 tealight snowflake candle holders on each side and pictures of my kids.
Now, when we are at my grandma's for Christmas Eve dinner, there is no room for decoration. We have over 30 people there and we are lucky to find a chair!!!
Biggest Holiday cooking disaster?
We have been pretty lucky. The closest thing to a disaster that I can think of is when we had a bright idea to cook "breakfast" for Christmas Eve dinner for something "different". We were all at my grandma's house, which is an old farm house. Everyone was working on cooking something different instead of bringing a dish with them and we overloaded the circuits several times and the lights kept going out. Once the cooking was finished, we all ate, the lights stayed on and Christmas went on as normal.
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3 Kids and Us said...

lol i've never had the lights go out from too much cooking, but it sounds like you at least had fun

MMJ said...

Sounds wonderful! LOL Happy Holidays!

Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind said...

That's a great disaster story - not too horrible but funny.

Kristen Andrews said...

I make sugar cookies, well I use to but I am really going to try and do it this year. I use my Grandma's recipe and she passed a way a few years ago so they are extra special

Tena said...

yummy cookies!!!

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

Oh, I remember decorating sugar cookies! Here's My Day 4!

Tracye said...

that happened one year when i was teaching, and we had a cooking day!

SavvySuzie said...

It's pretty bad when the HOUSE rebels against the amount of cooking going on :)

Momstart said...

my husband loves sugar cookies

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